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Why Should you use the STEX Industrial Network ? What are it's commercial Use Cases?

You are an Enterprise, an Individual or an Agency, TRYING HARD to reach an Audience for any one, few or all of the following needs.

You MAY have a need

  • to take a product/service to market and reach an audience,
  • to promote your Article/Technology Papers/Blogs,
  • to Promote your Event/Seminar/Exhibitions to bring in people as audience,
  • to find a Tech cofounder or a Partner online,
  • to hire a Good Team for your firm or project,
  • to fill a job vacancy,
  • to showcase your resume/profile,
  • to showcase Your talent through a youtube video,
  • to Offer a Discount on your products/services,
  • to Publish/Promote/Market your book,
  • to make a press release to reach an audience or newspaper,
  • to Launch a NEW product/service or a NEW company that you have started.
  • to find a Sponsorer to fund your projects/Events,
  • to find or promote work contracts or Sales lead,
  • to Find an Investor to Fund your/ projects
  • to find an Exporter/Importer for your goods,
  • to dispose your old used goods ( cars, machines,house hold items ),
  • to dispose your property ( buildings/offices/houses/land ) without any hassels.

and you have tried out a number of ways to reach people - Through Facebook marketing, Google search, Paid Press releases, Paid search, Pay per click Marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn Networking, Flyer Distribution, Forum listings, Craigslist, coupon marketing, Exhibitions/events ( product Demonstration) etc....

The Problems we Face using the tools mentioned

Facebook & Twitter Network systems were essentially designed to help people socialize, but are being improvised for product marketing through supplementary advertisement technologies. These network systems allow you to reach an audience consisting primarily of friend circles or followers. E.g. Twitter/Facebook marketing works well in celebrity circles, and in case of users with Large fan bases, but lacks audience reach for general users, without a large fan/friend following. Honestly - Most information or content on the networks is fairly general gossip with an occasional news trend.

Google Search requires you to have a Good Rank, based on website back links, to rank high on search results. The first ten Google search results are reasonably great, but the rest are not so fine. Google was never actually designed to help people find jobs or showcase people's profiles or promote events. Google search for industry category information actually leads you to 3rd party jobsites or social networks fulfilling people's needs of promoting their identity. Advertising technologies are supplementary technologies that have been improvised to sell space on the search pages and these Pay per click advertising campaigns are quiet popular, however a little expensive. The Search Audience is mostly untargeted & conversion of clicks to sales is not a guarantee.

Press releases can be an expensive affair costing up to 500$, without a real guarantee of a newspaper article Print. Can you imagine millions of News releases vying for a space of 10-15 News spots on Google News or Yahoo news or other News Blogs? It's a fact that News journalism today has manifested itself as a medium for paid publicity.

Posting job ads on jobsites was the traditional old way of finding people for job vacancies - but jobsites are a dime and a dozen in number. Many of the sites that people visit, are City centric or Country centric. People today have moved into showcasing their Talent/skill/profiles online by hosting their online resumes/profiles with dynamic content demonstrating or showcasing their talent & accomplishments.

LinkedIn allows you to get in touch with people in your business/Industry circles but is still a tool for business networking only. Finding a Technology architect or Technology Specialist on LinkedIn involves searching through their paid closed databases. The free Google listings of LinkedIn profiles are only searchable on Google - when people search using an individual’s name (proper nouns), not exactly by their skills or experience.

Coupon Marketing sites are a nice way to offer discounts and promotions however the internet is filled with a large listing of expired and unexpired Coupons and probability of finding a valid coupon is not so easy.

Flyer marketing is an inexpensive way to reach an audience, but works well for SMALL Enterprise products, services and solutions. It is difficult to market larger scale Industry products or services through this medium.

Events, Exhibitions & Product demonstration events is a nice way To reach an audience, however most exhibition marketing events involve - International Logistics and stall hosting fees and have a limited geographic audience ( foot falls ). This way of marketing can be expensive as the process of reaching an audience is a fairly elaborate & is expensive format. (As it involves event marketing & advertising expenses). Universities and educational institutions regularly conduct scholastic seminars and involve the same old advertising or Agency marketing techniques to reach an audience. (THE STEX WAY - removes all hassles of promoting your event, through a single stex industrial network information post, cutting down on all advertising costs).

The DOT COM way of solving problems - (Sarcastic sense of Humor - going by the Dotcom Trends as of today) when looking for a house you might need to check a listing on When looking for a job you might need to check When looking for work contracts you might check When checking events you might check and finally when disposing of your old car you might be checking out

The Proposed solution to the above mentioned problems - A Planet scale Intelligent Information Grid

Just the way we have built Electricity grids - supplying ''electricity'' to large number of End Users ( Electricity being used for a Variety of Functions- Air Conditioning, Television, Computing, Machining, Water purifying.....), we have designed an Information grid ( A Single Large Intelligent Information Platform ) to allow exchange and discovery of Vital real-time Information ( useful for a variety of Functions ) - for Industrial /Commercial or Personal use.

This implies that ELECTRICITY is ANALOGICALLY EQUAL TO = INFORMATION, therefore you may PLUG in to the STEX GRID ( at any Time, to pull or push ( produce or consume ) the vital information that you need, and use it just like electricity. This Information Grid is geography agnostic & consists of three main Parts.

  • The STEX Industrial Information Network ( An Information exchange system for collecting and Intelligently Tagging Essential Information, leading to a planet scale intelligent data repository. )
  • A Built in or Attached - Nework Search Engine called STEX Search ( For Information discovery in a variety of Categories ).
  • A Built in 360 Degree Communication system for all Network members to communicate with each other ( Breaks communication barriers, facilitating solicited and non solicited Industry related communication between any network member to any other network member ).

Note: This Information grid system was not designed for socializing, or creating business circles, or Information Listing, but rather for the purpose of Multi-Dimensional/Multi purpose - Information exchange, creating Vital Information opportunity for it's users. Further, this system is designed to integrate well & play well with well known search technologies like Google, Bing, Yahoo. The Information grid system is completely free of Cost - on the working model of WIKIPEDIA. OH ! Yes Information search results are [ open ] for Industry sponsorships. E.g THE STEX SEARCH RESULTS ARE SPONSORED BY ABB - www.ABB.COM

Google Vs STEX - 'Do you even know what it is ?' ( Quote MATRIX )

Most people we meet tell us that the google search works well and collects information automatically and has petabytes of Data, COMPARED to your technology that collects only META information through your Network and has little data.

So what we may do straightaway is - dissect the google/STEX technology, from a Technology perspective and let you think, and draw your conclusions.

Did you Know that all Browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox use a Web METHOD OR web function ( called HTTP REQUEST/RESPONSE ) to fetch data from a website server to show/display the websites on your web browser ?

GOOGLE IS SMART. It uses, the same ( called HTTP REQUEST/RESPONSE ) funtions, provided by the operating system web framework to download and collect all Data/information from the websites, on the world wide Web. Instead of displaying the information on a web browser, it collects & piles up the data (after stripping of all the HTML Tags ) in a data repository or data base, called the Google Database.

As a working example Google servers - go to websites like,,, stanford,,,, Tech Blogs... use the HTTP Request Response functions, and collect all the website data, and pile it up on Massive hard disk stores in computer data centers.

This pile of Data in the Google Data base is indexed or catalogued and is now eligible for search. The Google Search Engine page or the search interface is now attached to this data repository, and allows search, for end users like you and me.

Technology enthusiasts may understand that while GOOGLE crawls websites to collect website data, STEX grid Uses a Network Interface to collect Important Meta data. Both the Technologies Categorise, index and catalogue the data, and finally both the Systems have the built in or attached search engines interfaces that allow search of the Catalogued data.

Now you may have to think ? What Type or kind of INFORMATION is available on websites and Blogs the world over ? Product descriptions, articles, News etc etc. This limited website/blog information is collected in google data repositories, and, is available for search at the search engines.


There are about 30 to 40 Categories of Industry information that is never put on your company websites - For example events, Realtime offers & Discounts, Used products for disposal, Resumes etc etc'. Since, this kind of information would never exist in the google Datastore or repository, it is not possible, for anyone to find this kind of information, on google search.

That is the exact problem that we are solving. We help people search or find the information that GOOGLE can never help you find.

With this in mind, STEX Has designed the stex NETWORK interface to collect vital Intelligent Industry Information Data from it's members, and store it in a STEX Data Repository. The STEX NETWORK SEARCH INTERFACE is now attached to the STEX Repository, to allow search of important Information/data. You might Now understand, that both the Technologies are not exactly competitive and are supplementary technologies.

Do remember one thing that Google is your friend and So is STEX. We are technologists too, and we use google day in day out for our programing needs. We admire Google as much as we admire STEX ( OUR own technologies ).

We have told you Our story - Now it's your turn to draw out your story.

We took you through our story and have tried to make our technology and systems palatable - but the real story unfolds when your stories begin, working with us.

We will guide you a little & let your imagination run wild, and the rest of the story is left for you to complete.

DID YOU KNOW that there are 90+ industry/industrial categories on this planet system ?

Lets take Aircraft/planes For an Example

Some people build Aircrafts/Planes.
Some people maintain & Repair Aircrafts/ Planes
Some People use Aircrafts/Planes to offer Passenger Transportation or Cargo Services.
Some People Trade, Export Import, Lease Aircrafts/PLanes.
Some people use Aircrafts/Planes for Defence services
Some people write Articles/News stories about them & share it in social networks & magazines
Some people use Aircrafts/Planes for Personal use.
Some people Recycle Aircrafts/ planes.
Some People Design theory/Practical courses for Academic Use, in Universities/Colleges/Vocational Colleges/at Learning Seminars.

Now Think of what you may do with Trucks/Buses/Cars ... or the 90+ Industrial types.
The STEX GRID empowers you to WORK and promote you/ your services without spending a Dime on Marketing.

For Example -

When there is a dearth of jobs - you might just procure a few Used Washing machines and set up a Laundry service center for your city/Locality - without having to think - how will people find us or our services ? THE STEX GRID - should help you out with service discovery, without you spending a penny on marketing.

You could do the same with grocery delivery services at Frankfurt, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Bangalore or any of the cities world wide.

A HR Services firm or an HR Consultant could offer to build your customized resumes and host it online for you (costing 20$-50$) - so that you could market or showcase your profile better, to find a better job....

How would it feel to - find 3-4 Job offers ( Solicited/unsolicited) in your STEX Communications Mail box, when people find your profiles/ or read your articles on the grid, and contact you directly through the STEX Communication system.


STEX Industrial Network & STEX Search - How it Works ?

There are 4 simple Steps.

  • Individuals ( People) or Enterprises ( small, medium, Large, Governments,Universities, Agencies ) join or register on the STEX Industrial Network, and become STEX Network members.
  • Network Members Post/Push "Industry grade Contextual information" to the STEX Industrial Network Datastores/DataRepository in realtime. ( Using a new technology called metadata projections ).
  • The STEX Network Search Engine & Search Engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo help in "Information Discovery" or "Information search" from the STEX Datastores/ Data Repository.
  • The STEX Industrial Network Members have the facility to Communicate with Other STEX Network Members, through a built in STEX Communication system ( An Email Alternative ).

Summary: Posting Information & Searching for Information on the STEX Industrial Network is Absolutely FREE of Cost and Free of Advertising. Information posted through this network allows you to get noticed on multiple search Engines - ( STEX Search/Google/Bing/Yahoo ) !

What is a Metadata Projection ?

Note: The STEX Industrial Network Members Push ( 300 Characters ) of Brief Information about your Enterprise profile, Individual profile, jobs, work contracts, etc... in 40 categories, along with a link to your web page containing vital information or information descriptions.

The 300 Characters of Brief Information is called META Deta & is stored in the STEX Datastores/ Data Repository in realtime and Indexed. ( It is as simple as Tweeting ).

This meta data information stored in STEX Datastores/ Data Repository, is made available to the STEX Network search Engine and search engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo for Accurate contextual search.

Why Post Information through the STEX Industrial Network ?

  • Posting Information through the STEX Industrial Network leads to - Accurate Information Search on Search engines like ( STEX Search/Google/Bing/Yahoo) ! .
  • Posting Information through the STEX Industrial Network leads to reduced Marketing & Advertising Expenses on the Internet. ( It is an Alternative to Internet Advertising ).
  • Internet search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are absolutely fantastic Information discovery technology sets, however there are about 40 Specialized Industrial Categories of Information that are not easily Searchable on Internet Search Engines.

Internet search Technology vs Metadata search Technology

  • Internet search Engines have limited strengths in Abstract search queries, Queries without proper nouns/Names. E.g.- A Search for Enteprise Architects in Boston or a search for Latest Innovations and breakthroughs in the aviation industry or search for companies/Enterprise profiles offering Java development services in Switzerland / A technology event happening in your City.
  • The Webpages that Search Engines collect or crawl do not have many vital Industrial category information. If this Information could be posted to the search engines through the STEX Industrial Network, search engines could help in more accurate information search/discovery. e.g. Events/Seminars
  • Internet search engines have little Space (Geography) sense or Time Sense. That means that Geography based search is not accurate on internet search Engines.
  • Internet Search Engines do not actually collect/show Real Time Information, because they crawl periodically. In contrast the stex network collects realtime ( Live ) Information from it's Members.
  • Specialized "Enterprise related" Search Capabilities are not built into Internet search engines, as they operate on the world wide web, which is more of a general purpose information repository. Moreover the search engines also collect vast amounts of Internet Junk. ( While the stex network collects clean contextual information from it's members, in a way, as simple as tweeting ).
  • Internet search Engines lack features to control privacy.E.g. Casual Forum comments are displayed in search results.
  • Finally, Internet search engines collect massive amounts of Data, however, only 10 -15 search results have user relevance, and the rest of the 99% of the results turn Irrelevant. This Implies that the Information/data system operates a very low levels of system efficiency and requires extremely large datacenter infrastructure. In Contrast all stex search results stand to be relevant ( whether the first result or the Last) .
  • Finally Internet search engines are supplemented through advertiwsements. STEX Search allows you to control Advertising costs, if not eliminate them.

40 Categories of Industrial Information - not easily searchable on Internet search Engines ( Google/Bing/Yahoo).

The Categories/Types of Information & services that cannot be easily searched on Internet search Engines are listed below. STEX Advanced search has been specifically designed to facilitate Accurate search in the following Commercial Information Categories.

  • Enterprise Profiles
  • Individual profiles
  • Work/Project Contract
  • Finance Offerings
  • Industry Products
  • Software Products
  • Gaming Software
  • Services
  • Internet Services
  • Industry Offers & Discounts
  • Consumer Offers & Discounts
  • Property
  • Newss
  • Events/Seminars
  • Sponsorship/Scholarships
  • Contests/Competitions
  • Acquisitions
  • Talent Search Videos
  • Used Products Personal
  • Used Products Industrial
  • Specialized Information
  • JV Partnerships
  • Innovations/Breakthrough
  • Jobs
  • Software jobs
  • Learning Training
  • Reviews
  • Video's
  • Books
  • Mobile Apps
  • Internet
  • Services/Tools
  • Exports & Imports
  • Travel & Tourism

Go ahead & Join the STEX Industrial Network today. We hope, you would not ask us the Question - Why Should I post informations to the Search Engine ?